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Melinda Byerley
Melinda ByerleyHunter@mjb_sf · Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
Hello all, I am the Co Founder and CEO of Vendorsi. Although we're in closed beta, we wanted to invite the product hunt community since many of you are independent buyers of marketing tools, and represent potentially great contributors to the closed beta. Thanks in advance and I'm here to answer any questions.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@mjb_sf hey, Melinda! How are you curating/recommending tools right now? In most cases, the right tool is contextual to the startup so how do you think about this?
Melinda Byerley
Melinda ByerleyHunter@mjb_sf · Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! currently we curate the tools we find (tracking over 900 CRMs, over 350 email tools, over 240 social media tools), but our closed beta allows users to rate those tools on objective features in a way that allows others to sort and find. We will shortly be adding the ability for folks to add tools, because we see the value in wisdom of the crowd (as you do!). We start with a list of 40 features, normalized across vendors, and we'll evolve as the community wishes. The point in all of this is that we accept NO vendor money, that we are 100% about developing tools for everyone to find the right product *for them*. Our basic package of service (we are using services to drive revenue while our product is in development) is only $19 and it's a thorough evaluation of the top 5 vendors in a category, the ones most likely to be used or considered. For just $99 we tailor that to a company's exact needs. We're eating our own dog food to make the research faster, hence the great price! :D
Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella@cenedella · Founder, Ladders
If you can deliver on this Melinda: "Never Talk to a Salesperson Again (Unless You Want To)" you are going to have a LOT of success!
Melinda Byerley
Melinda ByerleyHunter@mjb_sf · Founding Partner, TimeShareCMO
@cenedella working hard on it!