Velocity UI kit by InVision

A responsive dashboard UI kit and design system

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2019

Jumpstart your design system in Studio and speed up large projects with Velocity, a responsively-designed UI kit inspired by a dashboard to manage a fleet of self-driving cars. The kit—available for Studio, Sketch, and Photoshop—is packed with everything you’ll need to prototype and design beautiful, functional experiences for any size screen.

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm excited to share Velocity, a free, responsively-designed UI kit with a futuristic vibe. Even if you’re not managing a fleet of self-driving cars, this kit is loaded with every component you’d need to set up a design system (and everything is fully customizable). The best results in design come when you think about the form and function components have across an app ecosystem. Velocity will take care of that for you—and set you up for a scalable source of design truth. What do you think? We’re excited to see what you create with this one! Download Velocity for free.
@clarkvalberg I don't get what it's for. Whats the user case? You mean you can build apps without coding or your own design platform like Photoshop? Still unclear. You should write the description in layman's terms.
InVision killing it as always! This is one of the most incredible design resources I have ever seen. 💯
Cool. So when's Invision v7 coming out? Here's a post on your blog from _over a year ago_ introducing a long overdue update to the core product that you'd already been working on for _over two years_. Too busy spending those enterprise checks on design kits and brand pieces? The rest of us have been clamoring for years for core product updates. Please, the original promise of Invision is so needed and so alluring!
Love this UI. I have some question, if I end up using this UI in my application, is there any fee or something? What can I do and what can't I do with this UI design?
Hello everyone! I am getting a 404 when I click on the website link. Am I the only one?
@c01nd01r_ Thank you! 👍🏼