Velocity 2.0

Actionable metrics for engineering leaders

Velocity 2.0 turns data from commits and pull requests into the insights engineering leaders need to make lasting improvements to their team’s productivity. Velocity 2.0 provides end-to-end visibility, flexible reports, and the tools to turn data into action.
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Noah Davis
Co-Founder of Code Climate
As an engineer and engineering manager, I’ve seen first hand that the happiest engineers and teams are the most productive, and vice versa. Engineers and managers want the same things -- to ship quality code to production, frequently. Easier said than done. We built Velocity 1.0 to give engineering leaders insight and visibility into what might be causing teams to slow down or have progress get stunted. A year’s worth of great conversations with customers taught us that this new-found visibility was valuable, but people were eager for more opportunities to put these insights to action. The new Velocity provides deeper visibility, greater flexibility and action-oriented tools so users can get the most of our objective engineering metrics. I’m extremely proud of the months of hard work our team put into completely revamping Velocity, and I’m excited for more engineering teams to start to truly visualize their progress. I would love to hear what you think.
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