Velo Bike by Autonomous

Get fit by racing in the digital world, on a real bike.

A streamlined exercise bike engineered to deliver a real road feel + software that allows you to connect and compete with friends + a personal coach and audio companion to help you reach your fitness goals. Overtake your past self, your friends, and the world. The race is on!

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Hi Hunters, If you're not the daily gym-type (or even if you are!) it can be really hard to muster up the motivation to get out there and kick ass. So we designed a simpler, more interactive, more convenient way to get healthy that we hope you'll find super fun. Velo is an all-in-one fitness experience accessible from the comfort of your own home. 1. A streamlined, durable stationary bike that fits into any room and any schedule. Ergonomically designed and specially engineered to make you feel like you're racing on a real bike, on a real road. 2. Integrated with software that allows you to find your real life friends and get them to race you - just enter their email address. Or, browse the VELO leaderboard to find your next challenge - and maybe a new workout buddy! 3. Or.. if your jam is more internal motivation - you can race against your past selves. 4. Audio coach and sideline support - for that little extra boost. 5. An essential stats monitor (heart rate, calorie burn, speed, progress, etc.), so you'll always be able to stay on track with your fitness goals. We're so excited to give you a sneak peek of VELO - do let us know what you think! We're taking preorders now for an extremely competitive (haha) early bird rate of $499 for the whole experience (bike + software + 17 inch tablet) - just enter your email address on our website to get involved. We've been building productivity and health products for the workplace for a while now - so we decided to start thinking bigger than the cubicle. All questions, comments, motivation, criticism welcome - we'd love to hear it all! - Chi
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@chitran241 are you taking pre-orders now? I signed up last week, but did not get a notification. The website also looks like it is only allowing you to sign up for notifications, not to purchase yet.
@mvaughn25 Hello Mark. Thanks for reaching out. We're up for signing up for notifications in this period. The product will be up for sales within around a month from now. Stay tuned!
The bike looks nice. Love simple design. Btw, I never good at racing outdoor, but indoor is a good idea. Avoid traffic, weather, smog is more encouraging.
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@imchuzon Thanks for your compliment. Hope to see you get fit simple with Velo.
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You’ll need a great community for this to really take off. Cool idea - good luck guys!
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Thanks! We've got some great early responses, so we're optimistic. Hope to see you in VELO!
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Great stuff for me to get in shape. Thank you !
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@anh_nguyen95 Thanks for your compliment. Hope to see you get fit simple with Velo.
Hey, how many maps does Velo have? Do you limit number of people in one room?
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@lizvifah Thanks for your interest. In the first version, Velo has 30 maps worldwide. And we don't limit the number of people in one room. Just invite any friends, race and have fun!
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