A convenient and modern resume format that allows a candidate to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper CV or resume.
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Hey everyone, It's a bit of a surprise to be hunted today, but I'm happy to tell everyone about VCV.ME - the video resume that speaks for you. VCV.ME helps job seekers to stand out from the crowd by applying with a video resume in addition to a text resume. Diversity in hiring is one of the biggest features of the modern world, and video CV reduces bias by giving an opportunity for people from all groups to express their personality. Video will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2021 according to Cisco, and according to eMarketer 94.1% of millennial internet users were streaming digital video in 2019. With growing demand for video social media such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram stories and others, we're bringing the short video format to the job market. We believe that video resumes will become an essential feature on the job market because a one-minute video application saves companies many hours of screening candidates, and it also spares candidates from unnecessary interviews. Due to the current pandemic, many people are unemployed, but a video resume gives them the chance to show their best self when applying for a new job. Thanks, @alphahunter Mahesh for hunting us!
@alphahunter @arik_akhverdyan how does video-CV impact "diversity in hiring"?! It obviously makes the problem much worse. HR-managers will see applicant's skin color, hear their accent, and even worse — may use it to judge the applicant's appearance.
@abram888 Hi Tony, thank you for this great comment. Having spent first 10 years of my career in recruiting I've seen that unfortunately bias can enter the hiring process at any stage. And one may be rejected at a higher level because of the accent, skin color etc. even if he/she passes the stage with a recruiter successfully. I experienced that prejudice myself being a woman. So I do believe that video resumes can help struggling with bias and prejudice because you can show what kind of a person and specialist you are. Besides that video resume helps to grab attention of recruiters even if your text CV is not that impressing. It happens often. One may be very talented, but would be rejected at this text CV screening stage having no experience. But if a person gets this 2 minutes pitch he can instantly change the other side's opinion.
@abram888 good question. If company or a person has bias he/she will anyway reject a candidate after an interview. It's not about a tool, it's about a mindset. With video cv you can see the person and not just judge on name or Uni. I have an accent and it's better for me to get rejected after the video cv rather than waste time on meetings. But the idea of the product is also to decrease the bias by showing the motivation of people and their skills, not only showing nice text in a CV.
@abram888 @arik_akhverdyan my wife is a professional recruiter and they actually are not allowed to see pictures or video of the candidates to make sure there are no biases. Seems like a great tool for working with startups, but I think some bigger companies wouldn't be allowed to use these just yet.
@alphahunter @arik_akhverdyan Is this product a stand alone tool for candidates or is there a marketplace behind it to connect hiring person and candidate?
I recently discovered this tool and couldn't help but share here. Given the current trend of video content, this tool should really prove helpful to applicants stand out from the rest. Not to mention, this is just a minute-long video application. And since it's completely free, try it out. It's fun.
@alphahunter Thank you very much. I appreciate your attention a lot! The same thing was on our minds when we were starting this - that video content is everywhere now and will finally reach the job market. And the WFH mode has even catalyzed that.
Arik, congrats!! Very useful product!!!
When's it launching...?
@harsh_gelda You can start using it now. )
@harsh_gelda it is live actually, an MVP version but totally working!
Wish I had it found a little earlier. Just a few days I applied for a remote job with a traditional CV. This would have been way better.
@games_master let's still send it and see how they hire you! :) I have one and employers love it
@games_master oh.. send it now as a follow up:)