Crypto Exchange that Rewards Customers

* Maker Rewards
* Referral Rewards (For every referral, earn up to ~$100)
* Customers in SA can buy BTC and ETH with ZAR
* Customers worldwide can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum for any of the 50+ altcoins including XRP, XLM, LTC and many more at very low fees
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Our goal was to usher in a new financial paradigm that makes financial services available to the public with pricing that is fair and transparent, and with an experience that is intuitive and seamless. So, we designed VALR from the ground up with this vision.
VALR is really great. They have the largest selection of cryptocurrencies in SA and the best fees. They basically pay you to trade and you can earn rewards when you invite people to join. They have serious partnerships, which gives them advantages over Luno and others and they have an awesome, user friendly platform. By using a referral like this one you can also save extra on trading fees from the start: