Valley Speak

Deciphering the jargon of Silicon Valley

I'm the co-author of Valley Speak. Ryan, thanks so much for sharing this on Product Hunt! Very excited to be here! I would like to extend a special offer to ProductHunt-ers: Receive as our gift a set of Silicon Valley jargon flashcards on the Quizlet website. just email your receipt to It's a great way to learn the terms and you can play fun games with them too. We created Valley Speak to be the most comprehensive resource on the vocabulary used in Silicon Valley, while also keeping a sense of humor. It will help you get involved in the exciting conversation happening in Silicon Valley -- or just help you to understand what they are talking about on HBO's Silicon Valley! And for all the ProductHunter-ers who are founders, we think this book contains all the must-know words for startup success!
@japanintercult @siliconvalleyspeak thanks for sharing on PH and GREAT product! Im Italian originally, lived in US for many years, but I think this is very helpfu also for someone like myself who is not 100% versed in the Valley lingo. TX again!
@patrickamori You're welcome, and thank you!
@ruv We included quotes from a lot of really cool and interesting people to show how the vocabulary is actually used -- you and Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and Dave McClure and Paul Graham and a whole bunch more!
Another great Coffee Table Book.
Also check out the Silicon Valley Dictionary. 😁 h/t WSJ's @bgzimmer for this find via his article.