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John Kueber —, CEO - Tech Entrepreneur
Hey everyone! Thanks to Frank for hunting us! Great to be here!

uZoom offers live video, on demand from thousands of broadcasters around the world. Unlike periscope or facebook live, you’re in control of the experience and can tell the broadcaster what you want to see using gestures and text. You pay broadcasters $0.60 a minute (they receive $0.48, uZoom keeps $0.12) they’re responsive to what you want to do, see and chat about. You can use promo code PH999 to get a free $5 on our app.

It’s a great way to learn about the world, meet new people, or even get insight on current events. After your video is complete, you’re sent a full copy of the video for download! And anyone who is on uZoom can also be a broadcaster and earn money through the app.

We recently launched a web based marketplace of experiences at that deep links direct to the users providing the experience, or you can use the uzoom app to search by location. In the coming weeks, we’re adding persistent chat to make it even easier to connect with broadcasters. In the meantime, please start by choosing one of our uZoom ambassadors who are ready for you!
Or connect with me through my profile once you have the app installed.

Happy Zooming!
Mitchell Cuevas — Product @Techstars
Question for the Makers, what's the biggest difference between uZoom and say, Periscope or Facebook Live?
Suja Vaidyanathan — uZoom, Chief Product Officer
@mcuevasm Thanks for your question! Periscope and Facebook Live make their broadcasters' live video available to everyone on the app. Also, the broadcaster decides what they want to share. On uZoom, the viewer is in control - she requests a live video from a broadcaster and the video is seen only by her. She can share the video on her social networks if she wants but it isn't required. uZoom is one to one interaction. Also, our unique gesture controls make the zoom experience very different than a Periscope or Facebook live broadcast. Give it a try- the castles in Montenegro and the beaches in Rio are some of my favorite uZoom experiences.
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