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Thanks @catnoone for posting! UXTest was a labor of love for us. We run a web design studio by day, but realized that so many sites out there don't want or need a full-scale redesign, but could increase their conversions and just create a better experience for their users through small, incremental changes. We make little decisions like that every day when we're designing from scratch, and we test those decisions for our $20,000+ clients with real users through A/B testing, scripted user tests, psychology research, and analytics reviews. We've seen an instance where simply swapping a single image increased donations by over 5% — a huge number for a non-profit doing almost $10m per year in online donations. That's the sort of thing UXT was designed to do, and at a price that's accessible by any organization from the basement to the penthouse. If anyone has feedback or wants to ask a private question, I'm available at mike@nav.co anytime. Thanks for looking!
Aside from the fact that the site visually pops from the jump, I love the possibility that comes with this. I assume, for some companies—specifically startups—the $199 price point is a life-saver for low burn-rates and a need to increase conversion.
Will user testing be included? How do I know that your pro will be a pro in my vertical?
Thanks for asking @uxandrew. User testing is a $99 add-on for two recorded user testing sessions, scripted and conducted by your assigned Pro. The "in my vertical" thing is something we've been marinating on as well. We have a pool of talented Pros who have worked across a *lot* of verticals and would do our best to match your site up with the right Pro. Part of the initial reach-out that happens after purchasing is letting you know who we're pairing you up with. If that person didn't meet your standards, which hasn't happened yet (although it is day one, see what I did there?), we have a large network of people in the industry we know who we can bring in on a one-time basis. I'd rather make $0 on your sale, but find the designer with experience in handmade wooden toy sales than pair you up with someone who has only worked in Fortune 500 finance. Hope that helps.
Hey Michael, good stuff. Was curious to know; who would be the users testing the website? Do you have a panel or would you recruit from our customer base? @michaelaleo @uxandrew
The price point is awesome, the price point makes it really accessible and it seems like a good place to get feedback on potential downfalls and possible solutions that you could then go on to test with your actual users.
@abovefunction Thanks Grant, that's the idea!
Would you also help with Apps?
@dorisyahoo Absolutely. Just put the link to your app in the Apple or Google Play store, Invision, or a zip to the screens. We love apps!