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UXPin is a collaborative design and prototyping tool created to help reduce the time spent on product designing and development. Fewer tools, faster collaboration, shorter time to market.

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This is super cool. I'd love to try UXPin in my User Experience Design Immersive program. It could be incredibly useful to students learning UX.
I've been contemplating giving UXPin a shot for a while now. Currently use Balsamiq for wireframing, and have been using InVision and now Viewflux for prototyping and feedback. Big fan of all the ebooks Marcin (founder) puts out there.
@pendeavor This thing blows Balsamiq out of the water, I've tried InVision but it wasn't as compelling of an experience to make me switch.
I'm curious if anyone is using UXPin and what they think versus other tools?
@byosko I have used it for the past 8 months and have really been impressed with the overall design. It's great for quick wireframes, allows quite a bit of customization and workflows and now that it works with Sketch and PS, it serves as a great mockup tester as well. Very responsive team as well :D
Interesting - hadn't seen it before now but looks cool. Like balsamiq + basecamp in one product.
I have been using UXPIN for over a year, I use it every day and this is probably the best tool to make website mockups and do wireframing and much more @byosko It deserves to and should be really featured again and don't forget to add the Makers @uxpin