UX Power Tools

The Infinite UI Kit: Sketch components, styles & symbols.

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It's a UI Kit, but the name is "UX Power Tools". UI. UX. Is it the same? :O
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@sfrnldi Great question, Aldi. On the surface, it is a UI Kit. But it was designed to help UX designers identify the most appropriate design pattern(s) for the products they're building. Most UI Kits just design the pages for you. The tools in UX Power Tools are much more component level...more akin to a UI framework like Bootstrap. Instead of giving you a fully-designed list page, we provide you with dozens of design layouts for individual list items so YOU are the one deciding what the list looks like, not the UI kit. The truest target user of UX Power Tools is a service-level designer responsible for designing the UI and UX for large applications. Designs have to be maintainable when products scale dramatically. Every component is designed using styles and symbols, so updating a text style in one place will cascade the change across every page where that text style is used. They're tailored design efficiencies meant to free designers from "busy work" so they can focus on designing the right thing. With UX Power Tools, designers who wear multiple hats can spend less time updating screens and pushing pixels, and more time designing the best and most appropriate user experience.
Guys! You have done an interesting thing. But after a detailed study, I'm confused. This UI Kit, very, very small. I understand that it will increase, but the fact that it is now, this is very little. Any UI Kit which is now sold in any market contains much more elements than yours. All the layouts are so similar, that I felt like I am being cheated. Why do I have to pay for 5 images in the same style EVERY month, when the market of design is changing so fast?
@dimablover Hey Dima, thanks for your comment! I'm one of the designers working on components for UX Power Tools, so I'll jump in and answer some of your questions. UX Power Tools is a growing collection of building blocks that will enable designers to efficiently design maintainable applications. The issue with UI kits nowadays is that they don't scale well, they're not easy to customize, and they're expensive (more of our thoughts on UI Kits here: https://medium.com/@jon.moore/ui...). Our "UI Kit" is different in that it contains low-level design components instead of fully-designed pages. Think of it as LEGO blocks (UX Power Tools) instead of preassembled models (most other UI Kits). Where most UI Kits only have a single list item layout, our toolkit contains dozens of variations of list items so you can find the design layout that best fits the app you're trying to build.
UX Power Tools helps you create, scale, and maintain beautiful application designs. Every component has text styles, object styles, and symbols to help you easily customize and piece together a beautiful product.
Here's the background for where this came from. Here's what the kit contains:
Hey Hunters and Sketchers! We’re happy to formally announce the launch of UX Power Tools, the Infinite UI Kit. Most of us UI and UX designers have used UI kits in the past, but we’ve always found that while beautiful and inspiring, they don’t quite work for UX designers. They're difficult to customize, not very scalable, and create extra work in the long run. With a UX Power Tools subscription, you gain access to a growing toolkit of everything you need to design applications in Sketch: Headers, Navigation, Content Cards, List Items, and more. We've meticulously ensured that everything is properly labeled and grouped, uses layer & text styles, and utilizes repeatable symbols. It will inspire your next design project and drastically cut down on your pixel-pushing time. We'll be updating our Toolkit regularly with new components, and with a subscription, every new tool is yours immediately. We have tons of useful Sketch components, so stay tuned. For Product Hunters, we’re offering the first month for a single penny if you use the “PRODUCTHUNT” coupon code at checkout, now until August 10th. You can cancel immediately after if you’d like, but if you hang around, we promise you’ll be happy with what's coming next :).