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Easy heuristic evaluations on your website (chrome ext.)

#3 Product of the DayDecember 21, 2014
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Just added to my All Things UX collection: http://www.producthunt.com/AnujA...
Hey everyone! I first learned about heuristic evaluations in my undergrad education and I've really appreciated how simple and cost effective they can be. One day after seeing someone print out the heuristics in a nice form factor, I realized how valuable it is to have a nice workflow - it was so helpful that I started doing them much more often. This project is my attempt to give heuristic evaluations a little boost in the community by making them super easy to do. If you've never heard of a heuristic evaluation, I wrote about why they can be so valuable in a Medium post: https://medium.com/@cgallello/lo... Feel free to jump in with any questions or feedback! Chris
I tried the tool out on a startup's website that I had built in the past, and I think it will be useful! For many sites, I feel, problems are more likely to occur in the copy - both the language and the information that is communicated to visitors - than interactive elements like navigation. Do you think that Nielsen's ten heuristics that you include in the tool cover copy as well as they do functionality?
@jeffkinson They do to some extent (there is guidance on error dialogs, speaking the same language as your end user, equating system concepts to tangible real world concepts, etc), but probably not to the extent that you're talking about. One upcoming feature that I'm thinking about is being able to customize the list that you see on the left - so you can choose Nielsen's ten heuristics, or X Startup's Internal Copy Rules, or Y Company's Branding Guidelines, etc etc.
@cgallello Good, that would allow much more flexibility.