Affiliate marketing software for Google Analytics

Launch your own affiliate marketing program in 5 mins, just with a Google Connect! No-dev required. Utm6 automatically syncs your conversions and tracks the performance of your affiliates. #multi-channel #attribution #seo-backlinks #commission-splitting #saas #conversion-path

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Great product ! I am testing it since the beta and it's improving everyday. A lot of fonctionnlites and for the price is a no brainer ! Keep up the good work ;)
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@peetpistol Thanks a lot !
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Last click attribution is killing the industry. Let's hope UTM6 is its saviour! Great work Pierre and Tom!!!
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Hey PH, Tom from the utm6 team here. utm6 is a first affiliate marketing software for Google Analytics that lets you launch your own affiliate marketing program in few minutes. Thanks to Google Connect, no need to set up a tracking system or use an affiliate network. Whether you are an advertiser, a publisher or an agency you will save time and money! A couple of features : - Google Connect - SEO affiliate backlinks - Attribution models - Full conversion path - Commission splitting - Your own network - Media Partners access - etc. Check it out at http://bit.ly/2E45HK9. Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime. We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer questions! Thank you!