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Userships lets you see how your visitors use your site. Capture user experience with session replay, get insights with intelligent search & analytics - without the price tag!
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I created Userships as a side project to help my startup. Yes, we know - there are session replay solutions existing out there. Then why do this? Why not use one of them? Honestly, we found them to be ridiculously priced! The ones that were affordable, were just sampling data (pay up more if you don't want this!). And as a startup, we found the sampling approach to have no true value to us. If you are a startup and/or hate paying upwards of $150 for 50K sessions on a user experience solution, then you would get us :) Launched in beta, I'd love to hear thoughts, feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see us add next to this! ***Update: Based on feedback, we have now changed the login sequence. No more login difficulties :)
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!Userships this is awesome and I believe a great tool for anyone having a website and if they focus on measuring the audience as well as understanding their behavior to engage them better. A must try and a must have in this segment. Congratulations !Userships
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Update: Based on feedback, we have now changed the login sequence. No more login difficulties :)
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Am lovin' it, awesome ... congrats !
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If I use this on an ecommerce site, does it record the user entering in their credit card info? How do you protect that? Also, am I required to inform users that they’re being recorded? Basically, my concerns come down to privacy. But it looks like a solid product!
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Thanks @alexsmacd Privacy is of the highest importance to us and we’ve made sure to follow that through in the platform. We do not record any numbers entered by users at any point. In fact, we don't hold this information on the servers and modify the frame before we save it, to remove all the numbers/digits. This guarantees privacy. This has been a recent release and you might find a different behavior in earlier recordings (pre-beta). Thank you so much for the kind words! I do hope you try it out! 🙂
@alexsmacd I also require an answer to this question. Other products like this I've tried allow you block entry on password fields and other sensitive areas.
Hi @mickc79 we block all passwords and sensitive numbers across sessions. This data is not saved during the capture stage and hence does not sit on our servers (and so, never available). I'd be happy to answer any specific/additional needs you might have