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Hey everyone. This is one of my projects. I'm a big fan of feedback in order to improve conversion on sites and also for customer discovery, and I had been doing this process of written surveys manually for years, so I thought I would build a startup to automate it. I have had early users see significant improvements in conversion rate by running targeted surveys about their websites, in order to figure out what confused people, and how to make their offering and benefits more clear. With userinput.io, you can also choose the demographic that you want surveyed. I've used it myself to run customer discovery with student pilots, for an example of how specific it gets. A customer used it last night to start getting feedback specifically from journalists. And if you guys want to try it, you can use the code "producthunt" during checkout for 20% off any order! Let me know if you have questions!
@vacord Looks like a very good deal for usability testing -- will definitely check this out :)
@kevinyun Sounds good! Thank you
@vacord congrats on the launch Stuart. This sounds really cool :)
@vacord I like this tool very much! Based on the comps to usertesting.com, I find the features, functions and versatility of userinput.io to be superior and more suitable for our in-house use, as well as for targeting feedback when developing our B2B tech clients' projects. I haven't looked at the mobile app yet - but will bc I would def use that. Keep me posted re: the questions guide. This is one to watch!:)
I used UserInputs several times to get feedbacks for our website www.tawipay.com. Stuart was very helpful and flexible for the set-up of my tests (I had some pretty specific requirements), and the results I got were really interesting. It is pretty basic (at the time I tested it, a few months ago, may have change now ?), as you directly receive an excel spreadsheet with the raw results, but it makes the job !
@pbriod Hey Pascal! That was a wizard of Oz MVP I was running then, to validate. It's all fancy now! Automated and no more excel spreadsheets ever. I didn't think I gave you those back then even, as I was still formatting to a webpage even for those alpha users. But thanks for being one of our first customers :)
@vacord Great to hear that ! And congrats on your success on ProductHunt today ! I will try to run a new test to see what you have to offer now ;-)
@pbriod That sounds good! Email me if you have any questions
Interesting product. The logo is very Jet like...
@hnrybrnsn Is it being Jet like a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not much of a logo designer, but that seemed to work.
@vacord From a branding standpoint, the design and the color are very similar. That's where my mind went after first seeing it. You've got a great product, wouldn't just want there to be any confusion!
@hnrybrnsn oh whoa, I hadn't actually seen their logo. Or even heard of Jet. But I just found the logo you are talking about. Yes, similar. I think perhaps we were both inspired by Diplo's logo that looks like Ü
Great job @vacord! have you heard of usertesting.com? besides pricing what other advantages do you have over them? How are you different?
@nidhi_v_shandilya Sure, yeah, I used usertesting.com before. A few ways this is different: - I am not sure if they let you specify what demographic you want, but you can do that with userinput.io at no extra charge - they are video feedback from one person at a time, we are written feedback from 10, 25, or 50 people at a time - We also have a concierge service in which I'll talk about what issues you're having with your site, figure out what questions you should ask, then analyze the feedback and make recommendations for the site - We can run feedback for mobile apps, not sure they do that - And our system can be used to run surveys about a general business idea, or for customer discovery. That's not something they do. - We also give a higher percentage of our gross revenue to our reviewers than usertesting does I think that's most of it. Let me know if you have any other questions!
@vacord I think they do #1, 2, 3 and 4 pretty well - but yours is better from price standpoint. I'd also like video more than written ideally but if it is prohibitively expensive I'd rather do a mix of both. So I think you two both provide value - just to different segments. Also, providing feedback on idea is great - clearly you differentiate yourself here - however, I guess much more than the idea - asking the right questions (w.r.t pain points) is of prime importance in user research - hope you're bringing attention that as well. Kudos on last point. I'm rooting for you guys! user testing shouldn't be so expensive and exclusive so you clearly have a space here.
@nidhi_v_shandilya Yeah, I try to have suggestions of the best questions to ask for each order type, but I should write a guide to effective questions, because that's really half the battle.
@vacord is one hell of a guy and userinput has been so helpful the few times I have used it. Congrats on the PH launch! You deserve it.
@crixlet Yeah! thanks Aaron. Check your email!