Userflows turns your Marvel prototypes into interactive user journeys that give you a birds-eye view of how users will move from screen to screen, helping you tell a better story to developers, stakeholders and clients.

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Murat Mutlu
Co-Founder, @marvelapp
Hey everyone, Excited to share Userflows, another great labs project we've created over at Marvel. If you've ever had to manually create user flow diagrams, you'll know how much time and effort they take. Drawing endless lines between your screens in a giant Sketch or Illustrator file, then having to redraw everything when changes happen can be a huge (and rather painful) effort. Now with Userflows, all you need to do is paste in any Marvel prototype link to automatically generate an interactive map of your designs or download the image to insert into your documentation. Checkout the example here Or try pasting this URL into Useflows If you're interested in building things like Userflows, check out the Marvel API
Kevin Gauthier
Co-Founder & Head of Design @
@mutlu82 Big fan. Simple idea but a great time-saver. Thanks for sharing with the community! There's no reasons why designer should have to ever waste their time or use separate tool to create user flows in today's day and age. Now if only it supported Invision's link as well ;) (mind you, I love Marvel too)
Dan RockwellCo-founder, Big Kitty Labs

I like it.


love the simplicty and straight forward marvel love


cant tell, add branding, default easy print setups

Hope will be really useful for me :)
Greg Rog
**Idea Architect**
Cool idea! Made me thinking... what if we could separate the flows and playback them independently? :) Great job, Marvel team 👏
Roland Clifford
I think is very good product
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