Reward your users for the feedback they provide

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UserBugs is a tool to reward your users for bug reports & feature requests

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Anneliese Herbosa
Anneliese Herbosa@herbosa · Hyperconscious consumer
I like the idea behind it. As a power user who often goes out of their way to send bug reports and/or product feedback to teams, I hope that rewarding users (however that looks like) becomes the new standard.
Praveen Singh
Praveen SinghHunterPro@praveensinghv · founder, 99tests
@herbosa Thanks Anneliesa, yes, you can ask for the reward amount that you think is fair
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
Sounds interesting
Praveen Singh
Praveen SinghHunterPro@praveensinghv · founder, 99tests
@babken_karapetyan Thanks a lot!
Sachin Kinra
Sachin Kinra@sachin_kinra
Sounds interesting @praveensinghv It's a great way to incentivise the user for a feedback. All the best!!! Are you also providing some ideas/tools on amplifying this program to the intended users?
Salil Agrawal
Salil Agrawal@salil_agrawal
Bug discover is a huge cost for a company, what a good thought your user not only find the bug but communicate it to you via userbugs.