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Scientifically proven to boost activation and retention.

#3 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2018

Push users deep into your product with User Onboarding Checklists. Build, design, and target Checklists in minutes, and start increasing user engagement today.

Checklists are effective because they leverage 3 well-researched cognitive biases: bias towards completion, bias towards reward, and bias towards consistency.

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Thanks so much for hunting us, @sujanpatel! Hello Hunters! My name is Alex, and I'm a product engineer here at Appcues. We're very excited to announce our brand new pattern, the User Onboarding Checklist. Having worked with hundreds of customers over the last few years, we've learned so much about what makes a great onboarding experience: a sense of progress, clear next actions, and opportunity for natural exploration. Our team has incorporated all these components and more into the development of the Checklist pattern. It gives you the power to identify key activation goals in your product and guide users through achieving them with instantaneous progress updates based on real actions and events. This feature is customizable and works seamlessly with our existing patterns to improve your onboarding and help your users unlock the value of your product. But don't take my word for it. Give it a shot and let us know what you think! A few folks from Appcues will be here to answer any questions in the meantime.
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As someone who's entire job is to help SaaS companies convert free trial users into paid customers, checklists are one of my little "hacks" to double conversion rates. To put it simply, if you want to increase your activation rate, start using checklists. :)


10/10 - Well done!


None :)

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Yaass! Can’t wait to use this. Will help with our new onboarding initiatives.
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@jessicameher Thanks so much Jessica! Can't wait to hear how it works.
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Solid work!
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@eoghanmccabe that means a lot, thank you so much!
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@eoghanmccabe Thanks Eoghan, we appreciate the support!
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@alexting1 I appreciate you sharing this. Onboarding has been very top of mind for me and my team. I’m not an engineer, but in plain English, does your product effectively connect to our existing admin console via API? I’d love to get an understanding of the implementation complexity so I can share with my engineers, who are working in iOS, Android and Angulae. Thanks!
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@justinotherjohnson Great question! And yes, once our application's SDK script is installed into your web application, your console will be closely integrated to our API via the script. This allows patterns that you build with our tool to show based on events and actions in your application. Hope that answers your question :)
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@alexcting1 that is perfect. Thanks so much!