User Onboard

The Elements of User Onboarding (130-Pages)

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This is to spamy for me. I think offers like that doesn't belong here, but this is me personal opinion :) Good luck!
@bogomep - I realize it's not entirely clear what "products" are encouraged on Product Hunt. We define the term loosely to include not just technology products but also things like books as long as they are: (1) not super well known/obvious (2) relevant to the current audience of early adopter/techie folks @SamuelHulick's User Onboard book is a good fit as there are several marketers, product people, etc. here. Additionally, we encourage brand new, launched products as those are generally the most compelling to people on the site. Hope that helps! :)
@BrianCurliss Thank you so much for posting this!
Hi everyone - I'm the author of the book, and am super happy to answer any questions you might have about the product and, of course, user onboarding in general!
Hey @SamuelHulick! Glad to see you publish a book based on (which got a ton of love a few months ago). How are sales so far? What are you doing to market the book?