User Experiences that Matter gives you an introduction to creating great user experiences by focusing on the human being using the product.

Let’s get you on the path on creating happy, loyal customers!

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Great to be back on Product Hunt! Great user experiences create happy, loyal users - we all know that. Users that love spending time and money with companies who have invested in their experience. But where do you start in creating a great user experience? I wrote this book to help you with that! This version is so much more than the first edition that it’s hard to compare the two. The biggest change is how much more content there is. The book itself has four brand new chapters and three additional interviews with Paul Jarvis, Mikael Cho (founder of Crew and Unsplash) and Kieran Rheume from Designer News. The book now comes in all three popular formats (PDF, Mobi, and ePub) so you can read on any device you want and the PDF is completely redesigned from the ground up for better readability. For those of you traveling or just want to rest your eyes, I made sure to think of you as well. You can listen to it as an audiobook! And the icing on the cake… There are some serious discounts to amazing services included. Go get yours today and start helping your users fall in love with you.
@antonsten can I have a free chapter without exchanging it for my e-mail address?
@bogomep Sure! But how would you want me to send it to you? ;)
@antonsten You can publish it on your website, so anyone can read it and then to buy.
@bogomep you can easily submit the form and unsubscribe directly if you want?
I find $39 for the book over prices, especially for the startup audience...I'm sure it has a load of useful insights, but I buy a lot of great useful books, but their prices are not this high.
@jt_singh Completely see your point, here's my take: I normally charge my clients around $150/hr or more (which they make back tenfold through increased conversions). So 39$ is not more than 15 minutes of my time - yet you'll get my experiences from the past 20 years wrapped in one nice package. The value an e-commerce or a SaaS can get from this is incomparable to $39 (or even $149). But as with all things in life - it's not for everyone. (Also you can use the discount code producthunt and it's only $30. )
Great work! Love all things Anton Sten. Hope Meta is featured prominently throughout.
@rpconnolly she's featured in two or three chapters actually! Not including intro/outro!
Update! Tiered pricing is now GONE - pick and pay for just the things you want! Rather than offering different packages – each crazier and more expensive than the next – I think you should only pay for what you need. Just the Kindle version? No problem. Prefer the audio book? That’ll be $10. Perhaps you have no interest in my book at all and just want the Paul Jarvis interview, $3 and there you go please. I want to give you exactly what you want and make it as accessible to as many as possible. Read more here: