Click tracking, visitor recording and user research.

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@jeffbajayo I want to apologize you personally for the trouble you experienced with us. We were testing cold-calls as a part of the outbound sales process, after few similar cases we decided to drop the idea. Having that said, we didn't know it was you personal phone number. It was acquired via or similar website.
How does this compare to Clicktale?
Looks awesome, although the price point ($300/mo) is a little much IMO
Opened the tab, forgot about it for a bit, visited to see this: Laughable.
These guys called me at 8:00AM on my personal cell phone, except it wasn't exactly them, it was the horribly outsourced sales team they hired... I thought I was getting pranked for the first 2 minutes. Still can't get over it... Call the company line ok, But my cell? Crossed the line.