The modern, privacy-aware URL shortener built with Laravel.

UrlHum is the definitive URL Shortener.
Privacy-aware, modern and fast. Provides advanced analytics about the Short URLs created and this is all free: as an Open Source project, you can review its code on GitHub.
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I made UrlHum as an Open Source project and worked on it for so much time. It is getting better and better and at the moment is in an almost enough stable state to be installed (not in production). I will be working on it everyday, so I hope it gets more views. At the moment there isn't a really-great Short URL project built in PHP, at least not recent neither modern; and considering the EU with so much rules about privacy regulations, I thought that focusing on this point was crucial. There is also a demo, available in a link in this page. If you have any questions you can contact me or answer to this comment. Thanks!
Love the clean layout, Would like to know if we can add google analytics?
@arjunpar thank you! UrlHum is focused on privacy, but you can add Google Analytics editing the footer view of UrlHum source code. Though, a feature that allows to inject css/js/html in the website via the control panel is planned.
@optiroot Thanks for the reply, What I meant was will be able to use Google Analytics to track short urls?
@arjunpar So you exactly mean when a user clicks a Short URL? That's not possible at the moment because the website should make the user "sit" at least a second on the website, then redirect him... and that's counter-productive. UrlHum itself provides analytics data without interfering with users privacy.
can i get this without having access to console?
@saxon_brooker not at the moment, I'm very sorry. But this feature is planned for the future, so you can install it on shared hosting too.