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Is there a SFW mode? 😳
@rrhoover Haha i like how quickly teams identify a need for such feature :) I'll add it to the list and report back when done ;)
@matijaabicic on second thought, this might ruin all the fun. 😁
@rrhoover Happy to report that this is now done. You can be Mr. Squeaky-clean Guy with --public --sfw, and keep it fun with --public --nsfw for all the private group action. Defaults: --private and --nsfw. Of course :) Check "/urban ?" for details
@matijaabicic impressed πŸ™
@rrhoover while you're at it, you can now also persist your user preferences. better late then never :)
How do you publicly /urbanslack sorry? Can't figure it out.
@zacdavies use --public switch. And watch your OS X autocorrect that "--" to "-" πŸ˜„ I plan to address that soon...
@matijaabicic Thanks for the tips. I'd love a setting for public responses by default.
@zacdavies this is now addressed. both -- and β€” now do the same thing :)
@zacdavies happy to report that there is now a way to set persistent user preferences. better late than never ;)
I think there is an issue with using '--public' as on a Mac the double hyphen is automatically switched to a single dash character (β€”) so it doesn't recognise the command
@marty you're right, I noticed this early on (developing on a Mac ). My rationale was that urban slacks, due to their content, should be public if and only if a user really, REALLY, really wants to push them into an in Chanel response, that it should be very hard to accidentally post a public UrbanSlack 😱. I am, however, rethinking that now.Even though there is a OS X setting that will stop that autocorrect as a couple of you point out - let's be real, who's going to bother fiddling with OS X settings for this. I'm thinking of changing the switch pattern to a single dash or a hyphen or...something else entirely. Or even adding additional set of switches for every command...all suggestions are welcome, of course πŸ˜„
@matijaabicic how about a setting that allows people to decide if they want it to be public or private by default? :) Great work though dude, I'll be using this a lot!
@marty Yep, good idea. I am also considering having a team-level setting, where team owner set team defaults or even enforce certain settings for everyone.
@marty This is now addressed. '--public' and 'β€”public' now do the same thing.
This is awesome. I use Urban Dictionary pretty much every day and I find this integration specially useful for non-native speakers like myself. Thanks @matijaabicic!
@diegojimenez happy to hear that, Diego. I plan to add more features over the coming days; support for multiple definitions, support for audio clips etc. stay tuned ;)
@diegojimenez just thought I'd let you know - there is now a way to set persistent user preferences. check it out when you have a chance ;)
Congrats on the launch, @Matijaabicic. Cool to see this come together!
@carsonjonze thanks Carson! :)