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Upwave is a collaboration platform. Based on Nordic design principles, Upwave is the most visual, flexible and intuitive platform. Teams in 30 countries around the globe use Upwave to save time and money by reducing endless meetings, mails and messages. It increases productivity, improves collaboration and eliminates bottlenecks.



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Dan Hesketh@danhesketh · Co-Founder, CCO @ upwave.io
Hi, this is Dan, Community Manager and Co-Founder of UpWave.io UpWave is a task management solution for business teams that’s incredibly easy to use, feels simple but has great flexibility and power under the hood. UpWave helps you align your team, track your progress and get more done. We would love for you to sign up, take a look around and let us know what you think. I might be asking for trouble here but negative feedback is arguably more useful than positive. But if you love it you might as well tell us, we won’t complain. At all. I’m sure a few of you are thinking “Trello clone” but UpWave is built from scratch by our in house Dev Team here in Oslo, Norway. We like to think that our stylish, minimalist design is influenced by the Scandinavian aesthetic, but maybe that’s just us being fancy. We see the task management space as being a bit like the auto industry. All cars will get you from A to B, but everyone has their different tastes and needs. We find the customers that like us best are the ones who are making their first transition to digital tools in the workplace. UpWave is simple but flexible enough to help even those team members with low IT skills get on board and start getting more done. So, fire away, we will be here to answer your questions until we fall asleep at the keyboard. Thanks, Dan and the UpWave team.
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@danhesketh cool, but with @MeisterTask (also having a free plan), whats the difference here?
Kjetil Moløkken-ØstvoldMaker@kjetil_molokken_ostvold · CEO, UpWave
@ariaitch A full comparison with @meistertask is a bit beyond the scope of a short post, but I will give it a go. On the positive side, MeisterTask has some nice features we do currently not have, such as search in notes (we have that planned), time tracking (which we will never have as that is smoothly solved by others) and more reports. They are in general feature rich, and can serve many purposes for many teams. Our advantages vs. MeisterTask include: - Sleeker design and less clutter - both in general and on notes (design is of course subjective, and minimalism is not for everyone - think Scandinavians vs. Oligarchs) - More team focus from the get-go - Easier onboarding (no annoying confirmation mail - free tip for MeisterTask here) - Simpler UI In addition we have many minor features MeisterTask does not have (to my knowledge) such as drag-n-drop colums, color flexibility, rows for grid system (hidden feature in UpWave to avoid complexity) and more. Lastly, we have full functionality from the start - no free tier. More and more B2B SaaS products are scrapping the Freemium model of yore and moving to 14 or 30 day trial instead.
Ari@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
@kjetil_molokken_ostvold interesting - thanks! Not as short of a post after all 😉
Kjetil Moløkken-ØstvoldMaker@kjetil_molokken_ostvold · CEO, UpWave
@ariaitch No. It is difficult to keep things short and simple when you are having interesting discussions.
Majd Koshakji@koshakji
@danhesketh Seems interesting, but I don't see why I can't sign up and use this as an individual user. How would that degrade the experience for teams?
Laszlo Levente Mári@laszlolm · CEO @ Dakai - Blockchain Services
So what's the difference between you and Trello? I see that you are following the Kanban strategy too. Also you need many UI improvements, just a suggestion
Dan Hesketh@danhesketh · Co-Founder, CCO @ upwave.io
@noxowe Hi Laszlo, thanks for you question. There are quite a few differences between us actually. Firstly, we are specifically a business team tool. Trello has much broader aims, it can be used for shopping lists for example. Our focus on helping teams collaborate and improve productivity allows us to better meet their needs. You could call it a different philosophy. A lot of our paying teams have actually come to us from Trello. They share many of the same complaints: What we hear most often is that Trello is "bloated" with features they don't need, as a result of that the user interface is "clunky" or "too complex" for some low IT skill team members and therefore not easy to use and more importantly, difficult to onboard the whole team. Here at UpWave our focus is on keeping things as clean and easy to use and onboard as possible. We have made a promise to our users that we will never have what they call "feature creep". This is a scenario where an app keeps adding small new features over time and without realising it they end up with a "bloated" interface and (we believe) unnecessary complexity. For our core user base we are often the first step into digital collaboration tools so this "simple" approach, although it might seem trite, has been absolutely vital to our high growth since launch in June 2016. Now, this commitment to an easy simple tool is not for all teams. Some will need deeper functionality than what we provide but we believe we have a core customer base that needs a product like ours. And this user base is growing rapidly, with paying teams in more than 30 countries all over the world, in industries that vary from accountancy firms in France to breweries in Norway, to dentist practices in Brazil.. In my opinion, team task management solution can be compared to a market like the auto industry. All cars can get you from A to B, but what suits your personal taste and lifestyle the best? There is a lot of choice out there and our approach is unique, just like the make up of every team out there is unique. I hope this answers your question, Laszlo. Please get in touch if you have any follow up questions, we are more than happy to answer.
Vladislav Arbatov@vladzima · CTO @ P2L.TV
@danhesketh So what makes UpWave more of a business tool? That you cut out features and promise not to implement new without caution (which is common sense)? I guess you have your audience and I wish you luck but seems like just an another board-lsh PM tool in the line of Trello, Asana and ~10 more commercial solutions as well as tons of free software like Kanbanshi, Kanboard, Taiga etc. But I like Scandinavian aesthetic, that's cool ;)
Kjetil Moløkken-ØstvoldMaker@kjetil_molokken_ostvold · CEO, UpWave
@vladzima Thanks. Simplifying things is actually really hard. We daily get feature requests that on their own makes a lot of sense. However, taken together they add clutter and complexity. Our target user is moving from excel, post-it's and even pen&paper. Simplicity of use and ease of onboarding teams is vital for them. Trello as you mention recently said in an interview that 50% of their users are technical and 50% non-technical. We target the non-technical users 100% with dedication. Most workers in both the private and public sector worldwide are non-technical, and they are just now looking for alternatives. In that sense UpWave is a business tool where most teams can collaborate, independent of skill level. We are used by breweries, architects, municipalities, airport managers and some (famous) pubs to name but a few. Our differentiation from other players, in addition to simplicity, is that we concentrate on flexibility of processes. We are on the flipside of structured project- and portfolio management, where you have many tools, and have had for years. Finally, we have the minimalistic Scandinavian design, which we want to keep as another differentiator. Appreciate that you like that!
Berg Moe@odd_moe · Owner, Idea Gardener Berg Moe
We have used UpWave in our team in six months now and love it. I scraped Trello in favor of this great tool.
Kjetil Moløkken-ØstvoldMaker@kjetil_molokken_ostvold · CEO, UpWave
@odd_moe Appreciate it. And thanks for being an avid user and promoter.
Nishit Raval@ravalnishit · SEO Executive at Jagat Media
I really enjoy it so far! I would like to know what is the best feature of UpWave?
Dan Hesketh@danhesketh · Co-Founder, CCO @ upwave.io
@ravalnishit Hi Nishit, thanks for your question. Glad to hear you like it! Well it's hard to choose a favourite, it's a bit like having a favourite kid - the others might get jealous and it's not fair. But if you are forcing me to choose, here at the office we love the subtask/checklist feature. It means you avoid a lot of clutter and makes it easier to track progress on a particular task. Less visual noise just makes it easier to work out what everyone is supposed to do next.
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @ eon.codes
I like the name. Keep it up guys!
Kjetil Moløkken-ØstvoldMaker@kjetil_molokken_ostvold · CEO, UpWave
@eonpilot Thanks for the feedback. We guarantee that we will not change our name. Much easier to search for UpWave than our initial name "Someone"...