Upvoted - Hold On

How u/m3rlino survived a pentecostal discipleship program

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Last episode of the first season of Upvoted, @alexisohanian!? I love how you're surfacing stories from "regular" people where most podcasts feature interviews and discussions with high profile people we all know about.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! That's the magic of Reddit--some of the most extraordinary people may appear to be the most ordinary, but have stories and experiences just as, if not more, interesting or important than the folks we've all heard of. There's more coming, so keep an eye on http://reddit.com/r/upvoted
@rrhoover I agree, these episodes (especially the latest) have been awesome. I love to hearing the stories behind the reddit ama's and upvotes. I normally listen to podcast while working on code, but M3rlino's story so intriguing, I basically had to stop working and listen until it was over. Looking forward to the next season.
@bdougieyo agreed. I find it hard to listen to podcasts while working, especially in narrative-based episodes like this.