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looks a lot like the current digg.com
@_jacksmith not sure i see it, but fair enough. single column reverse chron feed vs. three column. topic verticals vs. single page?
@heathwblack @_jacksmith I'll be the first to admit we had no plans to reinvent the CMS! Wordpress VIP was a great fit, btw, since we could keep all our dev resources at Reddit focused on community/modtools, supporting alien blue, and infrastructure.
@heathwblack @alexisohanian Yeah. I guess the layout isn't very specific to digg. Just what jumped to mind first. I think that this is a good layer on top of the Reddit backend though. A challenge for digg is that they lost a lot of the community aspects with the switch
@_jacksmith yah, i think a part of that issue was that they didn't separate community creation and content curation. hopefully our separation between the two helps this out a bit.
@_jacksmith Am I the only one who thinks that the entire purpose behind this site is to have a place to host Reddit's new video AMAs? (Half) Kidding of course. Great way to highlight Reddit's amazing content in a way that's more accessible to a larger audience.
Woohoo, @alexisohanian, @heathwblack, and team! As you know, I’ve been following reddit closely as its launched tangential products (Upvoted podcast, Upvoted newsletter, Ask Me Anything app, and reddit TV). I also noticed you were hiring a journalist/writer. I’m a fan of this direction but do we need another news publication? It seems like the space is already saturated (although reddit has some very unique opportunities).
@rrhoover If we were trying to do what everyone else was trying to do, i'd say no. We hope to find a unique niche and do something that nobody else is...
@heathwblack I truly believe you're in a great position to create something new in this space and help people without "access" share their story, ideas, etc.
Looks like a Buzzfeed and reddit fusion!
@esbvn nah... and here's an imaginary list of the top 10 reasons I resent that statement.
@heathwblack @esbvn you won't believe what reason #9 is!
@esbvn @alexisohanian Upvoted by Reddit: now you don't have to use Buzzfeed to have a user-friendly version of Reddit
Choosing to be cautiously optimistic about this for now.
@ghobs91 I'll take it! Thanks for giving us a shot, Andrew.
@ghobs91 i'll work hard to remove "cautiously" from this statement.