A simple OS X menu bar app for monitoring website uptime

UptimeBar is a simple OS X menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down. It connects to the UptimeRobot API to get up to date information every few seconds.

UptimeRobot is trusted by over 500,000 users, meaning you can be sure we'll notify you as soon as something is wrong!

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Hey PH! 👫 About us We're a couple of developers who sold up 😱and quit the comfortable UK corporate world in 2016 to travel! While we try and bootstrap ourselves to profitability, we take on web-dev clients who we think we can help, and also occasionally make tools to improve our own lives or productivity. UptimeBar is our first OS X app that solves a problem we have every day! ❤️ 🤯 The problem We have quite a few websites deployed now, both for clients and our own side-projects. Keeping track of these is crucial to our business and we need to know ASAP if something goes wrong. We have tried a few website monitoring tools, but most are email or Slack based, neither of which we use all that much, and are not the right fit for us to receive instant notifications. 🤖 The App So we developed UptimeBar, a simple OS X tray tool. UptimeBar uses the UptimeRobot API to monitor your websites, and shows an alert as soon as any seem down. UptimeRobot is an established monitoring tool with over 500,000 users, meaning we didn't have to re-invent the wheel and had the time to develop a polished app to fulfil exactly what we wanted. We hope you like our app, and are looking forward to hear any thoughts or feedback! Or you can read more about our journey on our website here: https://squarecat.io.
@dinkydani21 I'm using this now! is really cool! thanks for making this

Really handy to have an instant notification of a site going down, I’ve used it to identify poor hosting performance and migrate clients away from cheap providers that aren’t up to scratch.


Simple to setup, clear interface, super handy!


None so far!

nice, and unuseful