Group emails, zero hassles

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Smart founders that hacked together a quick and clean tool for public emailing groups.
@writerpollock thank you so much for sharing, Tristan! We had a good time getting this together.
@writerpollock Thank you, Tristan!
We had a fun time putting this together. For those interested, we actually built it in less than 36-hours, specifically for the Product Hunt community. Please do provide your feedback, one and all, because @kirkmorales, @adam_mann and I are listening. The full story behind the app can be read here:
This is great. Super simple yet super effective for setting up private group email convos. No more annoying group text messages or emails please. Use this tool instead. :)
Thank you, @thebizguy! That's the idea!
I love how simple it is. You log on and you know exactly what you're supposed to do. Brilliant product! Good work team!
Great way to simplified the group discussion. @meisjc How are you planning to expand it?
@keyul Most interested in what people think and how users would want us to expand it. Whatever happens, our plan is to keep it dead simple. Here's how we are currently answer FAQs and telling people about the product:
@meisjc Thanks for sharing it. Hope it can be use in #yesphx events. :)