Find & analyse the best content+publishers in your vertical

Looks interesting, how is this different from what Buzzsumo offers?
@massarogi thanks for commenting, really appreciate all feedback. Uprise.io gives you access to instant data as it has 25 pre-defined verticals, you are also able to personalise the dashboard so that each time you log in it becomes more useful than the last. You can also build audiences within the tool using the pinning functionality, which means you can build a tailored audience of people to pre-seed your content to. You can also analyse influencer sharing habits and build tailored list to help you market to influencers. Plus we have some very cool stuff in the pipeline to come. Thanks again for commenting.
@massarogi @leeful_hi5 very small differences but interesting product.
@massarogi @irvingtorresyc Thanks for commenting Irving. We have lots of awesome features planned to roll out which will further differentiate us.
Content marketing has become something important for companies to display their knowledge, expertise etc. But with so many content and not a lot of time (you're building a company), it can be difficult to find interesting things to share on your social channels. With Uprise.io you can instantly gain insights into pre-defined categories, see what content is performing well and which social network is responding the best. Make informed decisions fast to help shape your content creation.
Selecting a content publishing house can be really tricky when compared to selecting teams in other technology roles. This is because 'content strategy/marketing requirements' are more subjective comparatively. I would explore it, for sure.
Great product. Per Lee's feedback you should test exact matches for multiword search. IE "Credit Cards" returns desired results vs what I originally searched for credit cards.
@domydeal Thanks Greg! If you need anything else just give me a shout :)
Massive thanks to everyone for feedback, super appreciated :)