Uppy 1.0

Sleek, modular open-source JavaScript file uploader

Uppy fetches files locally and from remote places like Dropbox or Instagram. It uses the open tus.io standard for full resumability. With its seamless integration, reliability and ease of use, Uppy is truly your best friend in file uploading. By Transloadit.
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Good people of Product Hunt, meet Uppy 1.0: your new best friend in file uploading! Uppy is a sleek and modular, open-source file uploader for web browsers. When we started working on Uppy back in early 2016, all we had was an idea and the shared desire to launch file uploading into a new age. Three years of development have gone by since then and today, we're ready finally ready to release Uppy 1.0 and show it to the world. Besides plain uploads to your Apache server, Uppy supports Webcams, direct uploads to S3 and picks files straight from remote places like Instagram, Dropbox or Google Drive. Data is then sent server to server, so it won’t put a strain on your mobile device & data plan. It’s also ridiculously reliable and handles large file uploads well, thanks to the open Tus standard for resumable file uploads. Uppy even managed to get a number of firsts, like recovering & resuming an upload after your browser crashes. We’re pretty excited about this one and looking forward to your brutally honest feedback!
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@kvz Congrats on the launch! What are the main differences between this and the last release of uppy?
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@aaronoleary Thanks! Besides stabilizing the API and fully documenting it, we've added support for React Native, Locale Packs (i18n), added a new design (that can now be overruled with plain CSS), addressed Accessibility, and much more.
Congratulation on the lunch @kvz ! Guys, you've done a really great job. It works awesome! Good luck to you!
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@eulerr Wow thanks Denis!
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This looks awesome. Just tried out the instagram integration example and it was a very smooth experience. As a developer I'm thankful you decided it make it open to other platforms besides Transloadit. Of course I would intend to use it with Transloadit if I need it on a project, but it's nice knowing that you're not tied to one platform for a feature as crucial as file uploading. Nice work :) P.S my fingers are crossed for an official Uppy VueJS package similar to your React one ;)
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@max_norton1 thank you the kind words! Really glad you like it! I too would like a better Vue integration but we don’t have any experience with it, so it might be hard to come up with something sweet. If you have ideas on it do reach out! PS there are community posts that report the integration with Vue working, but yes it’s not a first class citizen like our react integration yet!
Well done, y’all. Was looking for something like this and would be shocked if I’m alone
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This looks super-awesome, going to try it out later this week. Is it on npm?
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