Uppward Chrome Extension

Protect yourself from crypto scams and frauds

Secure crypto investing is just one click away. Check anything related to cryptos and ICOs.

> Malicious and suspicious wallet address will be flagged.

> Got hacked? Scammed? Report your incident. Globally distributed security experts will review.

> Uppward Chrome Extension uses the first crowdsourced threat intelligence database on blockchain.

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This Chrome extension makes me want to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and the related investment opportunities, without being worried for scams or frauds. A Search Engine for secure investing in ICOs: that's a clever idea, kudos!
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@erikemanuelli Thank you Erik. Blockchain transactions are irreversible so need to be extra careful when sending funds. Yet, it's so easy to be scammed by carefully designed phishing and scams. We hope that people like you don't think it as a barrier to enter the crypto space. Most promising and well known ICOs are already searchable and we're adding data continuously.
Nice to see blockchain solutions for blockchain problems! Installed.
@itaielizur I'm not much of a crypto man myself, but I've heard a lot about the various scams out there, and this seems like a great solution. Crowd wisdom ftw.
@itaielizur @osbennn People-powered security! No conventional security vendor has done it, so let's see how we can leverage the blockchain's token economy reward system :)
@itaielizur @osbennn It's so easy to fall for those too-good-to-be-true offers. Happy to see an easy to use tool to tackle crypto scams...

Anything that can save you from a scam is of high interest for me and should be for you as well!


I am not yet into Crypto currency but have been reading about it & may get into it soon! This Chrome extension is awesome to prevent scams.


This makes for too many chrome extensions on my laptop - will have to adjust some.

Thanks Ben for the hunt! Hope you like this one-stop protection solution for crypto scams and frauds :D As one of the ICO projects ourselves, we’ve witnessed many scams and fraudulent activities during our own ICO. So we developed this product to address massively urgent need for ICO data validation. Crypto users, before making any transactions, can now check with the comprehensive, decentralized threat reputation database (TRDB) to make sure the transactions they are about to make are safe. If a recipient crypto address is malicious, or have ever been involved in malicious activities, the user will be notified. Our current crypto exchange and wallet partners will be using the database API later this year to flag any suspicious transaction activities and alert malicious wallet addresses within their user interface as well. This is only the first product we're launching as the crowdsourced threat intelligence platform so please stay tuned!

Thanks for the great security extension


It seems an interesting add-on to stay away from the Crypto scams, what to read and not. Gonna install it right now!


I have just downloaded the Uppward extension and started using it.