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Protect yourself from crypto scams and frauds

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Secure crypto investing is just one click away. Check anything related to cryptos and ICOs.

> Malicious and suspicious wallet address will be flagged.

> Got hacked? Scammed? Report your incident. Globally distributed security experts will review.

> Uppward Chrome Extension uses the first crowdsourced threat intelligence database on blockchain.

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  • Dana GoreLearning As I Go

    Anything to prevent scammers is an asset


    I'm particular about adding extensions

    I love anything designed to prevent scammers, so this sounds like a great idea. I haven't gotten into cryptocurrencies as of yet, but if/when I do, I'd want something like this in place.

    Dana Gore has never used this product.
  • Philip V. ArielFounder and Owner, Philipscom

    It gives the great alert about scam and fraud sites


    As of now nothing noted, just started using. Hopefully nothing to say in future too.

    As I mentioned in the comment here, it is indeed a very timely one for the people who are in the investing industry as well as about to start investing.

    I appreciate the developers for this amazing tool.

    Hope this will be a wonderful and amazing protection or protective cover to the online investors.

    Thanks again to the team.



    Philip V. Ariel has used this product for one day.


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Erik Emanuelli@erikemanuelli · ProBlogger
This Chrome extension makes me want to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and the related investment opportunities, without being worried for scams or frauds. A Search Engine for secure investing in ICOs: that's a clever idea, kudos!
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@erikemanuelli Thank you Erik. Blockchain transactions are irreversible so need to be extra careful when sending funds. Yet, it's so easy to be scammed by carefully designed phishing and scams. We hope that people like you don't think it as a barrier to enter the crypto space. Most promising and well known ICOs are already searchable and we're adding data continuously.
Chery Schmidt@chery_schmidt · Internet Grandma
You and me both @erikemanuelli
Itai Elizur@itaielizur · COO at InboundJunction
Nice to see blockchain solutions for blockchain problems! Installed.
Ben Jacobson@osbennn · Marketing Strategy Consultant
@itaielizur I'm not much of a crypto man myself, but I've heard a lot about the various scams out there, and this seems like a great solution. Crowd wisdom ftw.
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@itaielizur @osbennn People-powered security! No conventional security vendor has done it, so let's see how we can leverage the blockchain's token economy reward system :)
Adi Ili@adi_ili
@itaielizur @osbennn It's so easy to fall for those too-good-to-be-true offers. Happy to see an easy to use tool to tackle crypto scams...
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
Thanks Ben for the hunt! Hope you like this one-stop protection solution for crypto scams and frauds :D As one of the ICO projects ourselves, we’ve witnessed many scams and fraudulent activities during our own ICO. So we developed this product to address massively urgent need for ICO data validation. Crypto users, before making any transactions, can now check with the comprehensive, decentralized threat reputation database (TRDB) to make sure the transactions they are about to make are safe. If a recipient crypto address is malicious, or have ever been involved in malicious activities, the user will be notified. Our current crypto exchange and wallet partners will be using the database API later this year to flag any suspicious transaction activities and alert malicious wallet addresses within their user interface as well. This is only the first product we're launching as the crowdsourced threat intelligence platform so please stay tuned!
Joy Healey@joy_healey · Part-time blogger and Internet Marketer
I've dabbled very slightly in crypto but always been very wary because of fears of a scam. I welcome anything that helps avoid these. Wish I had known about this a fortnight ago. Someone sent me an obvious scam and I would love to have been able to report it as such!
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@joy_healey Joy, that is exactly why we launched the chrome extension product, so that more people feel secure when making crypto transactions. If you still have the scam message, please report. It’s a virtuous cycle :) The more participants contributing the data, the more protection individuals and organizations will have from scams and frauds. All reported data from the Uppward Chrome Extension would be reviewed and validated by The Sentinels, a group of white hat hackers and security professionals.
Chery Schmidt@chery_schmidt · Internet Grandma
@joy_healey @karlychoi I love this Ladies! XOXO
Joy Healey@joy_healey · Part-time blogger and Internet Marketer
@karlychoi I actually went back to see if I could find it, but I had deleted it to oblivion. Will certainly report in future. There was no way I was going to send that blackmail money (for something I hadn't done LOL) but I guess if anyone HAD done "it", they might have!
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
Sounds like something Metacert is doing with Cryptonite extension. Can you explain the differences?
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@ourielohayon Hey Ouriel, you must be interested in securing cryptos! Sentinel Protocol, the ecosystem behind this Uppward Chrome Extension, is a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform. Crypto individuals, allied security vendor partners, as well as globally distributed white hat hackers and security professionals are collecting crypto scams, hacks and frauds data. Collective intelligence is the most ideal way to combat the fast malicious growth of fraudulent activity, particularly to collect fake ICO sites and scam wallet addresses and sub-addresses. Also, Sentinel Protocol will be sharing its database TRDB, the first crowdsourced threat intelligence database on public blockchain, to its partner exchanges, wallets and payment services.
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
@karlychoi yes i get that. this is how metacert works too. is there a specific way that makes your more comprehensive. how many unique wallet addresses have you analyzed? what coins or assets are you not covering?
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@ourielohayon We had about 37k indicators and before the launch already and within less than 12 hours of the launch, we're getting reports from crypto individuals and ICO projects. We are first labelling the ETH wallet addresses using machine learning but non-ERC20 wallet address can also be reported.
Karly ChoiMaker@karlychoi · Head of Marketing
@ourielohayon Here's the link to access our database, which is built on the EOS platform. You can see the data live. https://eosflare.io/account/eosi...
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
@karlychoi so how many wallets have you analyzed? beyond ERC20 and ETH what other assets are you covering?