We help brands launch stores from the ground up.

Uppercase is the modern retail solution helping brands launch stores from the ground up. We combine real estate and retail data to provide access to up-and-coming and sought after neighborhoods. We are part of a modern growth strategy, providing tech-enabled flexible retail stores for brands to launch, measure, and grow their retail presence.

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Very different from the previous company you founded (Canopy), @shanndfox! I've been interested in this space, following b8ta and Bulletin, as retail can help solve startups and makers' biggest challenge: distribution.
How do Uppercase's offerings & approach differ from Storefront?
@malaparte Hi Andrei, thanks for the question. Uppercase helps brands launch retail stores from the ground up. We give brands access to more than a physical space through comprehensive solutions including; in-store data and analytics, point of sale, staffing, permits and insurance, production, and more - everything a brand needs to succeed with retail. We wrote more about this here: https://uppercasehq.com/blog/int...
Hey team, Can you tell us more about what kind of stores you focus on helping to launch?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, we are working with brands to launch stores across dozens of categories including apparel, beauty, pets, home furniture, and even a modern florist shop. Whether a brand is launching a pop-up store or a flagship, the inputs and the resources effort are the same. That's why we help brands launch both short-term and permanent locations. We have brand's who've partnered with us to launch their first pop-up and are working with others to scale retail from 5 locations to 20+
The new site and brand are 🔥 Well done Yash and co!

I contacted uppercase 6 weeks before I needed to book a venue. I let them know my budget, desired date etc. They found me a location, we did a viewing the location and the staff that met me there was awesome. I was told I would be getting a service agreement so we could solidify the booking. Not only were my emails not going through when I contacted them via website , I had to email them 6 times to even get a response and was merely told "sorry we weren't getting your emails maybe there's a system error" Which was unsettling as its a business I don't understand how emails merely don't "come through" I was told I needed to insure the venue myself ! They told me I needed the highest insurance coverage to rent this venue which was an addition $300 !. This was 4 weeks before my event. I said fine and decided to look around which was the most inconvenient thing ever because it was so hard to find the right coverage that they needed. Shouldn't the venue have its own insurance !?! It was ridiculous. Fast forward to 1 weeks before my event.. STILL NO SERVICE AGREEMENT !! I had to wait 5 weeks got a service agreement and then finally when I get my service agreement the price went up from what they initially quoted me for the venue !!! I was filing that it not only took them 5 weeks to get a service agreement but then last minute tell me the price went up !! I told them my budget and the fact that I had to pay $300 on top for insuring the venue !! All they could do was "apologize". I don't understand if I get in contact 6 weeks before and event, tell you my budget and then a week before give me my service agreement and I find out in the agreement the price is not the original quoted price !! Absolutely horrible and completely unorganized. They literally ruined my event !! I did not book with them of course they ruined everything and it was all so unprofessional and apologies were so insincere. The manager called me and spoke with me but I could tell she didn't even care. Worst service ever !!! Stick to this open space - I know its the same owners but uppercase is absolutely horrible !!!!!!!!




Horrible service, completely unorganized staff, wrong pricing and hidden fees.