Upmetrics 2.0

Create professional business plans quickly

Create professional business plans quickly and easily in every industry with the help of pre-written business plan template. Use financial modeling tool and it calculates all the summaries for you. Build business strategies with business model canvases.
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Hi all hunters and makers! ๐Ÿ‘‹ We are so excited to share with you a major update to an Upmetrics. Today, we are introducing new all amazing features those have been requested by our users. Here are some features those have been released so far : 1. Automated financial charts & reports inclusion into the business plan. 2. Everything have been organized using Workspaces. 3. Canvases have been released for strategic planning. 4. Custom branding for your business and cover page 5. Have released website and updated upmetrics with a lot UX Improvements. Many more are in queue, We are working hard for helping out users, so Stay tuned! Best luck building amazing business plans! Thanks, Vinay k.
The Logo is very similar with MEMEBOX. http://corp.memebox.com/about-me...
@byeonghan_baek Thanks for reporting, We had a built logo based on the the concept 'U' and 'M' letters from name upmetrics. We are in market from 2016, It seems they have changed their logo and most of their different logo options are exactly same as ours, We need to investigate about this. thanks for pointing out.