Turning your smartphone into a smart lamp

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Hello Product Hunters! My name is Naty, and I'm the founder of UpLamp. The UpLamp team is excited to be featured here, and would love to discuss our latest product and Kickstarter campaign! UpLamp is a smartphone-driven bedside lamp, and as such it utilizes the smartphone's capabilities to make an even smarter bedside lamp. Some of these feature UpLamp provides are: - Using the smartphone's set of sensors to allow gestures which control the app and lamp. - Removing unnecessary cable cluster next to your bed. - Driven by an app, and therefore it can easily and quickly update to keep up with the latest technology. - And most importantly, it functions as a perfect bed side lamp If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, I would love to hear them!
UpLamp uses your smartphone’s LED light to illuminate a plastic shell made from glowing resin in order to create a “lampless” lamp. UpLamp has a companion app which enables gesture-controlled smart features such as waving your hand to dim or brighten the lamp.
Seems Awesome !!
Call me a luddite but this looks like a really good way to get even more blue light into your bedroom before you (attempt to) sleep.. No thanks. IMO we need more products to get your phone out of the bedroom, not more immersed into it.
@jasondainter at least if the phone is in the lamp, you won't be able to use it.
@andhugg @jasondainter You cannot stay away from ur phone, it can monitor many things
Hi Jason, You absolutely have a valid point, and more largely speaking, the way technology penetrates our lives is absolutely questionable - and important to debate upon - do we need to be connected at all times, - do we need to get the latest news pushed through social streams? - and does it really a must to carry - constantly connected device, In that scene, we try to target people who already place their phone next to bed, which is a relatively large group, Those who would any way read another line on their smart phone before falling a sleep, Those who use their smart phone as an alarm clock, and those who will appreciate a dimm-able light which will not interrupt their partners This group of people (including my self) should benefit from UpLamp Other's that keep their phone out of the bedroom are will definitely not be interested in UpLamp, Thanks for an interesting topic and super relevant point! Naty