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Want to learn to sew? This is awesome for beginners. First pattern free too! http://upcraftclub.com/pages/mem...
I love seeing the pattern modeled on a real person, but I do wish they'd have the items searchable by style, rather than just the name they assigned each piece.
@jacqvon Thanks for your feedback! We're working on that.
Love it Elizabeth ... craft startups are HOT right now ! It's wonderful to see technology playing apart in making sewing and crafting cool again! .. I think the early 2000's saw a decline in pass times like sewing as iPods and other digital mediums took over... Brit Morin has done a fabulous job of bringing the cool back into crafting too :) Good luck !
@louiseqtnz Thanks so much! Yes, Brit has done a great job showing how modern and fun crafting can be and it's really fun seeing people get excited about sewing!