UP4 by Jawbone

Power your UP for payments

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I like it's smaller design. If Apple came out with something cheap and small like this, I would get it just for Apple Pay.
@bradenhamm Yeah, being small enough to wear all the time is one of the keys we knew would make this universal. Super easy way to pay.
@travisbogard Any plans to make it work with other providers?
@bradenhamm Focus is on getting the experience right. Not just product, but lifetime of experience. This is a massive and fundamental shift in payments experience as we know it today. Today paying for stuff is a dance. Lots of interaction and often time between merchant and payer. With UP4 payments and that dance basically becomes invisible. That is a big shift. As a result, security and trust are key aspects to have right if we want it to truly fade to be invisible. Since Amex always has the customer's back, they are key to delivering that experience. They can uniquely due that partly through the tech investments they have made and because they own both the bank and the processing part of the transaction.
Am I missing something? I can only see UP3 _without_ any payment mechanisms.
@si Looks like you need to be in the US store to see the UP4, being in the UK it redirects to the UP3.
@si UP4 is US-only.
I love my Up 2 because it looks pretty cool and helps me track my sleep. And it's the place I go to see my Strava results and Withings data.