Up Hail 3.0

Taxi & rideshare comparison engine

With the ever-increasing competition of taxi/ridesharing apps, a comparison engine can definitely come in handy! I suppose to make full use of this you'd need all the apps installed on your phone. If you are not already one way vs the other, e.g. Uber vs Lyft - and have no real preference because you don't want to chat to your driver and just want to get where you want to go. Then you can make real good use of this :) @aviw tell us the story here and how quickly are you expanding to new locations?
@bentossell @aviw How about www.bit.ly/taxifarecompare - this seems like a nice and similar alternative. And it's an app too.
Thank you Ben! Up Hail was born as a side project, and started out as a simple directory of every town in the US with Uber and Lyft coverage. Useful for folks who live in or traveling outside the major metro areas where these services operate. If Uber / Lyft did not operate in a given city, we displayed the nearest cities that have coverage. Shortly after, we built a crawler to pull in the rate tables and all the service offerings (ie. UberPOOL, UberSUV, Lyft Line, etc.) to give our users side-by-side price comparisons to help make more informative choices. One day we woke up to the news that Mashable named Up Hail one of the top 11 most useful tools of 2014 [http://mashable.com/2014/12/18/u...], which fueled our passion for the project even further. We added the underdogs such as Gett, VIA, and Sidecar, as well as the traditional yellow taxi service rates for all the major metros. We sliced up major metro cities such as NYC and SF to display promotional rates and services that are only offered within certain zones / neighborhoods. We expanded our coverage to over a dozen countries including Canada, UK, and much of the EU. Up Hail currently has over 185,000 cities listed in the database, and we are continuously adding new countries. Two months ago, we rolled out apps for both iOS and Android. With almost 100,000 users and searches per month, we needed to rewrite the application to scale better and faster. We completely redesigned the site to make it easier for our users to sort and filter all the different options out there. Maps were added that display the coverage zones and boundaries of all the major providers. Attributes for each of the services were added to help users narrow down the desired option (shared ride, luxury, large groups, etc.). For cities without providers, we have alerts that will notify users when they do arrive. These are just some of the new exciting features in version 3.0. Product Hunters, we need you to help make our product better. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help serve the community of rideshare users, travelers, and just about anyone that uses a taxi to make their lives easier.
@aviw ah just playing around with you web platform, you have seemed to allowed to searches in Australia but your hierarchy tries to place Australia within your US location http://www.uphail.com/us/au/ for this to gain traction you need to expand globally fast before someone else offers such a global service. It would be great to also allow third party platforms beyond Uber/Lyft particually in Asia and Asia-Pacific region to be added. Any plans to either enable crowd sourcing to expand coverage or allow local operators to submit themselves?
@davidiwanow We don't support australia yet, but will certainly within the next few months. Up Haul currently supports over a dozen countries, and we are continuously adding more regions. I see you manually tried to key in uphail.com/au which doesn't exist yet, so the appliction is trying to find 'au' in the us, which of course does not exist. Stay tuned!
contact @nikkielizdemere @bentossell when you are ready to submit and they will set it up for you