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Beautifully designed games, all available on Amazon.

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A fun little project where I've been curating all the well-designed games that are easily available on Amazon. It came from people asking me what's on my board game shelf as well as inquiring about suggestions for presents. Much of my inspiration came from my friends over at Canopy. Have one to add? Share it here!
@mathewsisson Nice, Mathew—welcome to the space! Love that you focused on a particular vertical you know well/ have actually built products for. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves, and remember, we're always open to new partnerships :)
@shanndfox @mathewsisson Thanks! Just shot you a note via email.
Love the simplicity, reminds me of Canopy, another site curating products on Amazon (cc @shanndfox). What's your favorite, lesser known board/card game, @mathewsisson?
@rrhoover Hmm, let's see. I've been a big fan of CUBU lately: http://www.amazon.com/Funnybone-...
I've been wanting to build a board game collection for a while now. Definitely going to use this to find some new ones!
Love the site! And btw Tokaido is awesome! Beautifully designed and a lot like 7 wonders, but instead of building a civilization you feel like you're traveling and enjoying what the journey brings.
Bookmarking this for niece and nephew Christmas gifts! Lovely layout.