Unsplash Wallpapers for Mac is a simple, free app designed to bring curated, HD photos to your desktop background while celebrating the photographers who provide freely usable photography on Unsplash.

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Hey everyone! I’m Mikael, one of the co-founders of Unsplash. This is our first Mac app. We wanted to bring the beautiful, high-resolution photography from Unsplash contributors to your desktop background screen. There's quite a few desktop wallpaper apps out there but our focus was on making one that's minimalistic while creating a new channel to share the awe-inspiring photography and photographers who have given on Unsplash. The photographers behind every photo you see in this app have gifted their photography on Unsplash to be used for anything in service of moving creativity forward. You can download any photo you see through Unsplash Wallpapers and use it for free. Our main aim for making this app is to celebrate this contribution Unsplash photographers have made by pushing the impact of their photography as far as we can. The app is relatively basic in features right now. Eventually, you’ll be able to feed your own existing Unsplash collections (https://unsplash.com/collections) of favorite Unsplash photos through the app. If you give our app a whirl, we’d love to hear what you think. We'll be around today to answer any questions!
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@mikaelcho Thank you so much for doing this. The macOS wallpaper market was shockingly underservered and very happy that you guys are trying to build value there. Wish you the best.
@mikaelcho thank you for your hard work!
@rodolfor I agree! And thank you Rodolfo. I appreciate the kind works.
@mikaelcho can it change wallpaper photos automatically?
@mikaelcho hi, are they 4k?

I have 3 monitors, and 6 spaces in each. It will be great to get a wallpaper in each space.


Amazing photos, simple to use.


It needs Multi Display and Spaces support.

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Wait, you still use spaces somehow? Or is this the watered-down version of "Desktops" in the latest macOSes?
You can still use Irvue...
I directly replaced Wallcat with it. Good minimalistic UI and big selection of Wallpaper. Will there be a feature to select the displays, so im able to choose wich wallpaper i want to use for different displays?
+1 for multi-display support
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@dubstrike @pnkxx great suggestion. multi display support is something we'd love to do, but from my understanding currently, there may be some complications with doing it well and having it supported on the Mac App Store. We'll need to do some research on it but we have it noted in our future features :)
@dubstrike +1 for multi-display support
Can we get smaller refresh times, like hourly or even every 30 minutes?
@tomaswilliamsa Good suggestion Tomas! We've played around with the idea but wanted to hear the initial feedback first before implementing a shorter refresh rate.
Hey Unsplash, I am severely underwhelmed by this application. If this were a beta version, I'd say you're on the right track to eventually building a good app. However, as it stands Unsplash Wallpapers is so thinly featured that I don't find it usable, which is unfortunate because I really don't like Irvue. Anyways, here is a list of the missing features which make this application unusable: - Multi-monitor support - Auto-updating images at a customizable interval - Ability to use images from a specific collection - Ability to use images from different collections on different monitors - Ability to quickly like a photo - Ability to add specific photos or photographers to a blacklist - Ability to quickly switch between which Unsplash collection is being displayed on a monitor - Overall brightness of wallpaper automatically changes Mac menu bar between light and dark themes I look forward to seeing many more features included in version 2.0.