Unsplash for Figma

Millions of beautiful free images baked right into Figma 🖤

Unsplash for Figma brings millions of beautiful free images right into Figma. Insert a random image or search for something specific without ever leaving your canvas.
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Love this, but this week product hunt looks like figma hunt.
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@adridder they did just launch their plugin functionality so that makes sense
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@adridder yeah wtf...like 8 submissions with tons of fake votes and no comments
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Hey everyone 👋 Ever since the Unsplash design team migrated over to Figma, we've felt the pain point of not having access to Unsplash at our finger tips. So we know the frustration of having to manually download and insert images into Figma.. As soon as Figma's Plugins Beta went live, it didn't take long for @liammartens to reach out to me in our members Slack and demo an already working proof of concept using the Unsplash API. I was so excited about seeing this integration come to life that I decided to team up with Liam and help him polish it up—turning it into the official Unsplash for Figma plugin. Today, as Figma Plugins go live, we're excited to share the Unsplash for Figma plugin with the rest of the world: giving you access to the entire Unsplash image library right inside of Figma. Read more about Unsplash for Figma on our blog: https://medium.com/unsplash/unsp... We can't wait for you to try it and hear your thoughts and feedback.
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This is 🔥🔥🔥
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Hi it seems nice but i m new here help me
Just say Figma Plugins as a whole.