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#2 Product of the MonthFebruary 2016
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Hey everyone! I'm Mikael, one of the founders of Unsplash. Today is one of the biggest days in our history. Unsplash 4.0 is our most significant release ever. We focused on bringing more exposure to Unsplash contributors and helping you easily find the right photos to inspire your work. Today, over 600 million photos a month are viewed on Unsplash and featured photos on Unsplash are seen more times than if they were published on the largest Instagram account, the front page of the New York Times, or the cover of Time Magazine.. By our research, Unsplash is one of the fastest growing photography sites ever. For years, we looked up to the open movements that places like Wikipedia and Github created but the generosity of people to give something without expecting anything in return has surpassed our wildest imagination. We're so grateful for the people who have given their work to support the work of others. There are now 50,000+ photos on Unsplash. We wanted to give contributors more ways to have their work found while helping you find the right photos. And at the same time connecting the creative community on Unsplash in a whole new way. We’re proud to announce today: 1. Unsplash Collections. You're the curator now: Create a collection of your favorite Unsplash photos, photos to use in your creative work, favorite desktop backgrounds, or simply save for later. Your collection will appear alongside collections by fellow makers like, @khoi (Adobe), @photomatt (Wordpress), @guykawasaki (Canva), @pjrvs (Paul Jarvis), Jeffrey Zeldman (Happy Cog/A List Apart), @davemorin (Path), @brit (Brit Co), @mgsiegler (Google Ventures), Lawrence Lessig (Creator of Creative Commons), @dhh (Ruby on Rails), @chrismessina (Uber), @dannpetty (Medium), @andrewchen (Uber), and @om (True Ventures). 2. Unsplash Search. By keyword or location. 3M searchable tags created by the Unsplash community (that's real humans, not bots — to make sure search actually works :) http://backstage.crew.co/unsplas... 3. Likes. Like a photo to show your love for the photo, save it for later/inspiration, or pull it into other services (3rd party apps, Dropbox, etc.). http://backstage.crew.co/unsplas... 4. Unsplash API. Use the highest-quality free photos in your app/product. Currently powers 1,000+ apps including Craft by Invision (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...), Buffer (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...), Over (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...), and these Product Hunt products: https://www.producthunt.com/@mik... We started Unsplash 3 years ago when we couldn't find a good photo for our website. Stock photos were either too expensive or cheesy. So we took our unused shots and gave them away for free. You could “do whatever you want.” No strings attached. We never expected 3 years later, this little Tumblr blog with 10 photos would turn into a community of 40,000+ contributors. This only happened because of you so thank you so much for the support. For being a part of the community. For contributing. It means so much to us to get the chance to work on a product like this. And be a part of this community. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. Mikael and the Unsplash team
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@mikaelcho Congratulations Mikael, exciting to see where Unsplash is headed!
@mikaelcho, @unsplash what an awesome update! The widespread adoption, and evolution of the Unsplash product, proves that putting the community first and building an ecosystem should still be top priority for any startup. Look forward to seeing what the future will bring for the Crew.
@mikaelcho I love this! Been using Unsplash since the very beginning and it's so cool seeing the product evolve in the right direction!
@mikaelcho Love this update! Collections will allow me keep images I might be able to use later in one place instead of saving them like a maniac to my hard drive :)
@mikaelcho Congrats to you and everyone at Crew! Happy to be part of the platform. 4.0 feels pretty solid. I use Unsplash on a daily basis to discover great photographers, find high quality photos to use as Mac wallpapers or just drop them in my mockups.
@mikaelcho @unsplash That's amazing news the best stock service on the internet just got even more unreal! Awesome work!
Crew is one of the bests Montreal startup 😺
Pexels, Unsplash, and Death to The Stock Photo are all near and dear to my heart. Keep up the great work! It makes jobs for us designers so much easier! Excited for these new Unsplash features!
@mikaelcho These are great news and it's inspiring to see the great impact and use of something that started as a side project. You already know how you guys inspired us in building successful side projects, so - with there was a reaction here other than "upvote" because then I'd use the "WoW" one. Keep it up. my first collection is up!