Unlonely Planet

Book about making the world a less lonely place

This book is your roadmap to reconnecting with the community around you — whether that’s through traditional gatherings or by shaking things up and making one of your own.
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Book looks interesting but I'd recommend providing a free chapter or something so people have a better idea what your book is about.
@parag_r I also agree with that
@parag_r @footer you can read a free chapter directly from Amazon using "Look Inside"
@parag_r @footer @marawan_1997 Thank you for the feedback! I just added a Medium post that explains why I wrote the book, and breaks down what it's about. You can check it out here: https://medium.com/@that_Jillian...
The green cover with doodles are awesome
@tahaqadri Thank you! That's my designer, Sean Suchara. You can find him on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/sean_s...
Jillian I love this! Being from Houston, moving to Philly and New York for college and internships, then spending my summers in Boulder, I totally feel you and added this book to my goodreads need-to-get list SO fast. Can I interview you about your experiences for thegoodstartup.com?
@foreverhannahle Thank you so much! I love reading this :) And hell yeah-- you can contact me at hey@joylist.nyc. I'll be traveling for the next few weeks, and would love to connect when I'm back!