Get rid of anything with a text

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Another Invisible App similar to Shyp. Looks like it's only available in San Francisco and Chicago right now. I have a few boxes of old clothes I need to get rid of. I might give this a try this weekend.
@rrhoover Out of curiosity, why haven't you gotten rid of them before now?
I used this to sell my Myo wristband and all I had to do was take a picture and text it out of my life. Perfect experience.
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Love this idea.
Thanks @parkeragee! Have any stuff lying around, cluttering your home that you'd like us to try to unload for you?
@keintzb I've got tons, but I'm in Nashville. I've got a question though -- If the only fee is 5%, how do you profit on this? Especially if I have you come pick it up from my location.
@parkeragee the 5% fee is in addition to any shipping/handling/pickup fees or other marketplace fees (for example, if an item eBay, there would still be eBay and Paypal fees and shipping fees). In exchange for that fee we remove as much of the research & work from your side as you want us to. Does that answer your question clearly enough?
I'm getting rid of most of my stuff right now before taking a long trip. It's taking *ages* with GumTree. I'd love to have something like this in the UK! Maybe if nobody has done it by the time I get back I will ;)
That's interesting to hear, @basicallydan. Is Gumtree bigger than Craigslist in the UK (forgive my regional ignorance)? Why not try eBay?
@keintzb @basicallydan I find eBay to be a bit of a pain in the butt to use. Gumtree is pretty popular here. Finding buyers isn't *that* hard, but having to write all the ads and get all the photos done can be annoyingly time consuming when you're getting rid of a lot of things. eBay... I find that even worse. Horrible interface compared to Gumtree and way too many options. Plus, I think most people see Gumtree as the UK's second-hand shop here.