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😳 You've found our secret... We're taking a different approach to releasing—instead of a big bang, we'll be iterating the beta in public. Expect the product to evolve in real time. I'll share more about our thinking in the coming week, which I'll link to here!
I like the idea, but you need iCloud to share the content?
@kaiburghardt yup, for now you need iCloud to publish but that's something that'll change over time
You need to do something with your Landing page guys!
@oleg_avrah tell me more?!
@josephcohen Nice product! @oleg_avrah.. 5 seconds to a landing page ---> https://www.fastur.com
I wrote a bit about our thinking and strategy here: https://medium.com/building-univ.... And... Apple featured us this afternoon! https://cl.ly/0F2D0k02431q
This reminds me of Byte! I love Byte 👓