Universal Fund

Automatically support a new Watsi patient every month

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Hey all, We're excited to be on Product Hunt today with the Universal Fund! Want to mention that thanks to the founders of Teespring, donations are matched for the first 1,000 people to sign up. Let us know if you have any feedback!
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Watsi is such an awesome company. I always feel good about it when I donate (and I love getting emails about people I've helped); the problem is I'd only do it when I remembered. Really excited to be able to do it automatically now.
@gkoberger yeah agreed. I feel like it's the one worthy thing I do in SF.
@gkoberger Thanks so much, Greg! Excited to have you onboard :)
This looks great! IIRC there was already the recurring monthly donation - is this a more focused rebranding, or is there more going on in terms of ops, reach etc?
@mallyvai if you look closer, the founders of teespring are matching the donation which is pretty freaking awesome.
@mallyvai Thanks! The Universal Fund is a rebrand/official launch of monthly donations, with the founders of Teespring matching the first month's donation for the first 1,000 people to join :)
These folks save lives. Pretty incredible. Low Cost high impact treatment recurring donations matched by founders! I've been donating $10/month for the past few months. I got an email today saying the donation was doubled. Every month, Watsi sends me an email featuring the person I helped make a difference for. I'm such a huge fan of Watsi that my new venture donates 12.5% of profits to Watsi patients. If any of you are SaaS developers and trying to figure out ways to make an impact beyond the software reality, ping me.
@datarade Thanks for all of your support, Kumar! You're helping a lot of patients.
@gracegarey keep fighting the good fight. :)