eBay for students πŸŽ“

Unistore is an online marketplace for students to trade second-hand products with their peers in a safe, quick and convenient way. Every user is verified with his university email. Products can be filtered by university so all transactions can be local, near campus, without any shipping involved.

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Hi ProductHunt πŸ‘‹. It's great to have my first launch here ❀. I'm Bogdan, 21, part-time student in UK and full-time maker πŸ’». I'm one of the founders of Unistore - a marketplace for students to trade things for free in a quick, safe and convenient way. Why would students choose Unistore over traditional classifieds websites like Gumtree, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and a lot others? Because these two reasons: 1. Every users is verified using the university email address so we don't have scams, multiple accounts per user or false identities. 2. Users can filter ads by university - this way they can trade in campus, with other students from their university => no need for shipping or online payments. We are open to almost 20 UK universities and we're expanding every week. We released the website and the Android app so far - iOS app is almost ready too. Unfortunately, those who don't have a UK university email (.ac.uk) won't be able to register 😒. However we would love to keep in touch so please complete this quick form: https://unistore.typeform.com/to... (no spam, no newsletters). I would love to hear your feedback and I'm here to answer questions all day.
Awesome idea!
@cenk Thank you, sir!
Great idea, but one thing that comes to mind: many universities don't give their students email addresses. How would these students create an account?
@highaced absolutely. I'm from India, and my college doesn't give an email ID by default. Students could reach out to the management and get one. I did. But, it's not edu domain either. It's ac.in. I hope Unistore could tackle this.
@highaced plenty of market / growth to do before that concern makes it to the product discussion!
@highaced @arunsathiya Thank you guys for your feedback and you are absolutely right. We know there are countries where universities don't offer student emails but as Colin said, there is a big market before that. Right now, as we are based in UK we focus on UK universities and later we plan to expand to US and rest of Europe which gives us a lot of potential users. However, if we get to the point of expanding to universities without student emails, I am sure most of them at least have a kind of student verification/authentication process we could use. We don't really need the student's university email, so if there are other ways of verifying his identity and the fact that he is a student, that's completely fine.
@highaced @bdstanga Hoping to see Unistore grow through the coming days. Best wishes!
Superb concept! Absolutely love the idea. Hows your international expansion going? I can see this being rather huge in South Africa where the demand for 2nd hand products (especially books) is very high and there's no platform as specialised as this. Most people just use Gumtree now and that's quite dodgy.