Unified Remote

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control


Unified Remote is a productivity app that can turn your mobile into a fully featured remote for your PC or laptop. The application has cross platform support by which you can control your Mac/Windows/Linux with your Android/IOS/Windows Phone.

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Digital Product Designer

I've used the Android version some times ago. I remember using it to control Kodi on an old laptop I set up as a media player and not only I controlled Kodi but I shut the laptop down, controlled the mouse and keyboard with no problems. I almost never had to open the laptop and use it's keyboard.


Huge amount of integrations to use as remotes. Has a lot of use cases.


The user interface could be slightly more modern.

Geeky programer wanting tech gigs

UR is excellent in its features and packages.


1. Easy to control almost every application on PC using the phone

2. Best for taking presentation and slides

3. Remote mouse using phone


1. Some features are paid

2. Can improve the GUI

3. Sometimes connection gets lost

PC Maintenance Tech

I was asking for recommendations initially to control MPC-HC and PowerPoint Presentations, but this is much more than that. It's perfect!

The only cons I have for now are the not so clear UI (but I like the black theme, thanks for that), but I guess it could make it more beaufitul by embeding more of the Google's Material Design features.

The other thing is that the remotes still lack improvements, but I understand that as they're single devs.

I wouldn't think twice to buy the premium version as it's so cool with many features and surely to help the contributors.



1. Clever usage

2. Very handy for various situations

3. Innovative

4. Free to use (and reasonable premium price)

5. Cross-platform

6. So on.


1. Not so neat interface (it could make more use of Google's Material Design)

2. Some remotes lack support (should take time to improve).