Unified Remote

Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control

Unified Remote is a productivity app that can turn your mobile into a fully featured remote for your PC or laptop. The application has cross platform support by which you can control your Mac/Windows/Linux with your Android/IOS/Windows Phone.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Devs here, feel free to ask us anything ๐Ÿ‘‹ (@pqvst @jaberglund)
@pqvst Sorry could not find you earlier. I've been a regular user of this, and loved it. I thought should share this with others too
@pqvst @jaberglund hey, I don't know if it is polite to ask this, but... Are you working on advanced media player releases? I'd love to see features like MX Player to slide up to increase volume, brightness, seek time, etc. For now, only VLC advanced remote has those features (sliders), but I'd love to see on the system and MPC overall media controllers. Also, I'd be glad to translate the strings on the FAQ and all possible accessible strings to Brazilian Portuguese on my free time. That's the help I could offer in return to thank for this amazing app. Please let me know if the strings are hosted on Crowdin or any platform like that.

I've used the Android version some times ago. I remember using it to control Kodi on an old laptop I set up as a media player and not only I controlled Kodi but I shut the laptop down, controlled the mouse and keyboard with no problems. I almost never had to open the laptop and use it's keyboard.


Huge amount of integrations to use as remotes. Has a lot of use cases.


The user interface could be slightly more modern.

I've been using this app for over 3 years now. It is my favorite media controlling tool. The keyboard and mouse emulating tools are also priceless.
Neat app, lots of integrations. GUI and user experience could definitely be better! Let me know if you need a UI designer :)
Great utility. Looks very promising. Please note: - Buy Full version is a non-functioning link. - There is no indication on the site of the price for the full version.
@robingood where's the broken link? the price is about $4-5 (varies by country/currency/exchange rate).
@pqvst I am using Chrome on MacOSX Sierra.