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#5 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2016

Roman Mishiev
Sam Johnson
Pongsan Tama
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  • Stefano Alberga
    Stefano AlbergaSeam Tectnic

    Fun and enjoyable


    Can be fail only one way

    I quite enjoy the game and it is quite fun as a way to kill some time. However, feel how you lose or your startup fail is only if your employees are mad at you and leave..

    Not sure if you can lose if you lose all your money. Also would be interesting to have different scenarios.

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Dunja Lazic
Dunja LazicMaker@dunjalazic · Hyper.
Hey everyone 👋 We made this game during a team retreat in Scotland, tried to encapsulate the startup culture and make fun of buzzwords etc :) It actually mentions ProductHunt too, let me know if you stumble upon it :) I'm glad you like the game :)
Ell Tee
Ell Tee@elltee · Founder, Pine Entertainment
@dunjalazic Can we talk about a chance to bring this game to more audiences? This will help boosting toggl also. If you're interesting, mail me at lt@pine-entertainment.com
Robert Wilkins, III
Robert Wilkins, III@genome210 · IT Business Analyst, Chickasaw Nation
@dunjalazic "we were just featured on ProductHunt"... Found it! Very fun game all around.
Md Islam
Md Islam@mdnislam007 · notahacker
Celine Hau
Celine Hau@celinehau · Brand Ambassador @sleepwooven.com
@mdnislam007 LOL That's me like last week!!!
Roman Milovanov
Roman MilovanovHunter@rmilovanov · Marketing Director, Buy me a pie!
Very addicting game full of nice humor. Shrewd business angels, competitors with the copy of your product, employees' relationships, meetings with Elon Musk, office party with LSD, publications on Techcrunch and tweets by Lady Gaga etc.
Ell Tee
Ell Tee@elltee · Founder, Pine Entertainment
@rmilovanov Thanks for sharing, this is a very nice game indeed, I'm just wondering if this game will be porting on mobiles since it fits it.
Roman Milovanov
Roman MilovanovHunter@rmilovanov · Marketing Director, Buy me a pie!
@elltee well, I think it's too short for the separate mobile app. I guess it is made with marketing aims to engage right audience and promote Toggl. The fact is that the game is cool anyway!
Ell Tee
Ell Tee@elltee · Founder, Pine Entertainment
@rmilovanov it definitely fits, two buttons gameplay is also very handy to play on mobile. Anyway, this is a really nice hunt. 👍
Rahul Ramchand
Rahul RamchandHiring@rahulr047 · Botmonster 🔥
Wow. Time for me to give up on entrepreneurship.
Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
This is amazing 😂