Reduce screen time on your phone by taking short walks

Unhook.app helps control your smartphone addiction by replacing a bad habit with a good one.

For each category of apps, set a daily time limit. When time's up for the day, you can simply take a walk to gain access. Every 100 steps gets you 10 mins of time back.

Turn your unhealthy scrolling habit into a healthy strolling one!

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We're really excited to hear from the community on our early release! We think services like Screen Time (Apple) and Digital Well-Being (Google) are either too passive (you can just dismiss the warning) or too restrictive (you've locked out of your apps for good!) Both lead to users simply ignoring the service. Instead, we thought about what could be a healthy medium. Not too passive but not too restrictive. By asking users to take a short walk, it hit the proper balance that wasn't too much to do but not enough that would keep them still stuck to their device. We've already heard from beta users that unhook has started to help them - what can we do to make it better? Ex. Some users have said that instead of taking a short walk that they'd rather use an app that they want to be using more of (ex. Kindle, Duolingo, etc.) to get access back to the app's they've been locked out of. What does everyone think?
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@tareqismail I like the idea that it suggests to take a walk! What made you think of that approach, was it just seeing how passive and or aggressive others are?
@tareqismail solid concept! I was just talking about this with a friend, about how we shouldn't be taking our breaks on devices but rather go for a walk or talk to someone IRL. iOS version tho? πŸ˜‰
@tareqismail How about taking 20 minutes to meditate or contemplate? Or, if they can, take a power nap?
I have a crappy 5s iPhone so I can't try it out but it looks like a great idea.